Byford Innovation & Business Development Centre

in the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale Western Australia

An ecosystem of support for entrepreneurs

A business education outside of school

Soft opened in the Glades Byford

10am, 29 February 2020

Welcome to the Byford IBDC

Where innovation lives and entrepreneurs thrive

The Byford IBDC is located at the Byford Western Australia. Kicked off in 2020 by Dean Strautins a Shire Councillor. Because of conflict of interest perceptions we are now looking for a leader to take the IBDC forward to establish a not-for-profit company with other waiting and willing founders.
The IBDC is to be a hub for innovators, entrepreneurial startups, existing businesses and high growth companies. The IBDC has a 140 square metre facility as the focal point for a dedicated support team, incubator/ accelerator programs, collaborative events, internet connection, video studio, prototyping lab, meeting rooms, mentor panel, professional partners and access to other awesome facilities and talent.

With an extensive network of local and international connections, the IBDC provides a highly supportive ecosystem that enables you to take a viable product or service to the world with confidence. The IBDC is part of a family of incubation and innovation centres globally where for every $1 contributed there is generated around $15 taxable for the local economy.

The Byford IBDC being located in a rural and urban setting is the perfect juxtaposition creating highly fertile innovation conditions proven globally to be the best foundation for success.

The IBDC is continually developing partnerships such as with Space Cubed that is the innovation hub originating out of the Perth CBD. Space Cubed has been responsible for successful regional innovation centre partnerships and the IBDC is proud to be working with the excellent team and expertise that Space Cubed upholds.

Founders bring their experience to the IBDC as they been involved with innovative business development for many years.

The Importance of Start-ups for Western Australia is described in the below Podcast.

The Importance of Startups in Western Australia

Our 2021 Goals











Everyone Needs Some Luck

People do not succeed from hard work alone. the IBDC provides you with some luck to combine with your desire to succeed. We speak your language and will reinforce your inspiration.

Expert Mentoring & Support

We surround our members with great facilities, support and expert mentors as you move through your entrepreneurial journey. Our experienced and flexible mentors and regular events provide new perspectives and critical feedback.

Networking & Connections

The Innovation Centre’s community is home to talented and passionate local entrepreneurs with a culture of willingness to share their experiences, challenges and connections and assist your business in reaching its best potential.

What the Byford IBDC has to offer to your business initiative

Where innovation lives and entrepreneurs thrive



Because people are at differing entrepreneurial
stages, you can attend, read, contribute,
team up, become part of a project etc
No long-term, lock in obligations


We provide access to experienced business mentors to provide you with new perspectives, critical feedback and access to valuable connections as you move through your entrepreneurial journey.


We provide the supportive environment
for local business owners and start-ups.
No longer is the only option to be an employee.


Our community is packed with talented and passionate local entrepreneurs. Share ideas and challenges, network with like-minded people and immerse yourself in the Byford IBDC start up and business community.


As we grow then so will the our events. Participate early so we can support you earlier. We will open the door for you to local regular events to provide local entrepreneurs with new knowledge, services and connections.



You and your organisation has the chance to contribute. We are located in one of the fastest expanding Councils in Australia. There is big demand for what you can contribute. We are on a mission to improve the quality of life for locals with a better community and more local employment.

Local Sponsors Required to Commit Before

Grand Opening Strand Cafe, Glades Byford








Our Valued Contributors

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